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    Culture Influencer Boy Sweater

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    • Ethically made at the pink Lanoosh castle in Los Angeles

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    Child Set
    Inspired by comfort and street-Style fashion. Sweater with mini Armenian alphabet and 'Culture Influencer' print patch with a contrast of quilted sleeves.

    From the idea to the sketch to the sewing of the goods to the final packaged item, we do it all in our pink LANOOSH castle located in sunny California. Lanoosh is a 100% ethically made in USA product made by people who work in a beautiful environment with great vibes and great working conditions. We pride ourselves on the quality and consciousness of our product . And we hope our items make your little one's heart smile.
                        We design garments that makes the soul dance

    Crew-neck long sleeve sweater
    Tan soft quilt with a culture influencer patch
    95% polyester, 5% spandex /Contrast/ 98% polyester, 2% spandex 
    Ethically made in USA

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